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The Z5000 Small Character CIJ printing system offers the ultimate excellent printing quality, the result of an innovative 32 dots technology.

Texts of up to 5 lines may be obtained by using several combined printing matrix.
Up to six languages may be selected from the console and, furthermore, by elaborating the software, Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese and Korean characters can be included.
The innovative systems of viscosity and ink temperature control ensures stability and reduction of consumables, always keeping perfect printing quality.

The Z5000 is fitted with an easy one START/STOP button, it makes the Start-Up and Shut-Down operations simpler and faster. In addition, it includes the automatic flushing of the printhead with solvent.

The complete and reliable hydraulic circuit, which sets this system apart from others, also allows the use of light pigmented inks on dark surfaces with a fast drying time and good adhesion on the most materials.
Additionally, this system can manage the food grade inks for printing directly to food products.

The solid stainless steel casing offers a high level of Ingress Protection (IP65) and great reliability in a range of harsh environments (high level of humidity, water jets or fine dust).

The electronic control of the Z5000 system has been completely based on SMD technology, guaranteeing stability, speed, memory and high level calculations.

This system is the right answer for all special application.

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Technical Specification

● Up to 5 lines of print

● Characters height from 0.8 to 14 mm (0,032″ – 0,56″)

● Line speed capability: up to 300 mt/min (984 ft/min)

● Print rate: up to 2136 ct/sec

● 250 messages storage

● Up to 250 characters storage per message

● Selectable lines vertical gap

● Font Matrix: 5×5, 7×5, 9×7, 15×10, 16×10, 24×16 and 32×18

● Bold factor up to 8 times

● Simple Logo creation and printing

● 50 Logos storage

● Automatic calendar and expiration date print

● Incrementing/decreasing product counters up to 9 digits

● Repeat print – message function

● Printing in all moving directions

● Tower print function (Text rotation of 90°)

● DIN print for cables sector

● Negative print function

● Print throw distance up to 90 mm (3,54″)

● 2/5 Industrial • UPC-A • CODE 39 • EAN 13 • CODE 128 (A,B,C) • EAN 128 (A,B,C) • 2D – Datamatrix • ITF (A,B,C)

● Membrane keyboard solvent resistant

● Blue WYSIWYG Display with high contrast 240×128 pixels

● Stainless Steel structure AISI 304

● Protection IP65

● Conduit length: 4mt (13,1ft)

● Single Start/Stop button

● Automatic cleaning in both Start up and Shut down

● Vapour recovery system for low make up consumption

● Print parameters stored within each message

● Keypad access with password

● Operator selectable foreign language prompts

● Report function for executed printing counter

● Messages storage with 8 digits alphanumeric text

● Micro Print Nozzle for high quality resolution print (optional)

● Hermetically sealed printhead components

● Auto-phasing of ink stream for consistent print quality

● Dimensions: 227mm x 42 mm x 49 mm (9,0″ x 1,7″ x 1,9″)

● Conduit inlet at 90° (optional)

● Internal Supply Positive Air Function

● Serial connection RS232 and RS485/422

● Sensor management for product reading

● System ready output

● Shaft Encoder input for variable speed production lines

● External alarm outputs with traffic light column

● Parallel interface BCD

● Temperature: from 5° to 45°C (40° – 113°F)

● Humidity: 10 – 90% (non-condensing)

● Single Phase, 85 – 240Vac, 50 – 60Hz, 200VA

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